Your Toddler Can Learn So Much From You At Home!

Make the best of the time you spend together with your children at home by teaching them valuable lessons through daily house chores. Your children will have fun helping and engaging in real tasks while you get things done. Here is The Ultimate List of Montessori-Friendly chores for you to get started!

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What Can Your Child Learn From Household Chores?


Your child will learn valuable skills to take care of himself/herself.


Your child will be able to perform daily life tasks independently.

Motor development

You get to assist and watch your child develop fine and gross motor skills!

Do You Want To See What's In The Guide?

Here's a preview of the household chores that you can start doing at home along with your toddler.

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Why Should You Have This Guide?

Children love practical life activities and to help out. They also love to imitate what adults do.

This Montessori guide will guide you and show you how to start involving your children at home. Think about it: you will get more things done and your child will gain confidence, independence, and fine and gross motor skills while at it!

Super helpful!

This guide has given me so many ideas on how to keep my toddler entertained during the quarantine. He's 2 years old and has felt like the "chores" are actually games! To all mothers, this is a must-have.

A lifesaver!

This guide is a lifesaver! I was looking for ideas online and came across it and it was just what I needed. Teaching my kid to do house chores has become part of our playtime together, I recommend every Mom and Dad to have fun with it :)