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Welcome to the Montessori way of Toilet Learning 


Do you want to start toilet learning with your child?

You don't know where to start or which book to read?

Are you facing some challenges with the process? 


This workshop is for YOU



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What are you going to focus on?

  • Your personal Potty Plan
  • How to prepare yourself for success
  • How to set up the environment for your child
  • How to observe your child toilet readiness
  • The sensitive period for potty learning
  • How to manage challenge situations 
  • The path to independence



About me...

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Hi all,


I am Neus the creator

of Montessorian by Heart  



A community where parents and caregivers come to find their path to the Montessori Philosophy! 

I have been a Montessori certified teacher for the past 10 years and I helped more than 200 families on their Potty learning Journey. After a few friends reached out to me for advice on their potty learning journey I decided to create this workshop to help and accompany YOU and YOUR CHILD throughout this developmental stage.

You need more information? You have questions?

Don't hesitate to book time with me or email me

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