Toddlerhood The Montessori Way Workshop

Hello mama, 


Thank you so much for your interest in our workshop " Toddlerhood the Montessori Way".

We would be thrilled for you to join us as we guide you in applying the Montessori Principles at home with your toddler, in a way that works for you and your family. 

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What is "Toddlerhood the Montessori Way"?

Toddlerhood the Montessori way is an immersive group experience where you will learn hot to apply the Montessori Principles at home with your toddler in a way that works for you and your family. You will be able to ask questions, brainstorm solutions, and form your toddler parenting tribe.

🔶🔶  Toddlerhood can be challenging... You don't have to do it alone! LET US SUPPORT YOU!  🔶🔶


How would it feel like if you could..

  • Be confident that you are supporting your child's development every day 
  • Know that you are providing exactly what your child needs in order to thrive
  • Design a home environment that supports your child's independence and curiosity
  • Manage challenging toddler behaviors and stages in a calm and confident way
  • Apply Montessori principles at home without the overwhelm and information overload
  • Create learning opportunities that support your child's interests and development in a simple way
  • Connect with other like-minded mamas to support you in your Montessori Parenting Journey

We are here to guide you! 

Let's do This! 

What is included?


  • Four 90 minute sessions on the core Montessori principles via zoom
  • Option for a 5th Potty Learning sessions
  • Q+A slot after each session. You will feel heard and supported!
  • Personalized support and community building via our private Facebook group for 5 weeks
  • Session recordings available 24 hours after each session
  • Downloadable PDF resource with Montessori activities and recommended toys for toddlers
  • Other surprises 💫

When do we start?


The workshop will begin the 2nd week of March 2021. There will be 1 session per week.

We have two possible days and times that we will decided together when the group is complete, we want you to be able to attend live! 

What will I learn?

Session 1: The Prepared Adult 


  • Our view of the child
  • How we speak or and to the child
  • Teacher vs Guide mindset
  • Self education
  • The importance of self care
  • Recognizing our strengths 

Session 2: The prepared


  • The Absorbent Mind
  • Seeing the world as a child sees it
  • Stage for independence
  • Designing an orderly and beautiful environment

Session 3: Freedom within Limits


  • Following your child
  • Types of limits
  • Becoming confident leaders
  • Emotional awareness and regulation

Session 4: Areas of the

 Toddler Curriculum

  • Live presentations
  • Practical life and language
  • Fine and gross motor
  • Art, music and independent play


Session 5: Potty learning

 de Montessori Way

  • General skills
  • Following your child's readiness
  • The method
  • Common setbacks


This is for you...

  • You are a baby or toddler mom who wants to support your child's development from the start
  • You are new to Montessori education and positive parenting
  • You need support applaying the Montessori principles at home in a way that works for you and your family
  • You need help[ managing common toddler behaviors and stages in a calm and confident way
  • You thrive in an intimate group environment where you can ask questions, learn from others and brainstorm solutions. 
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Do you still need more information to join us? 

We have prepared a comprehensive PDF with all the workshop

details and the following steps.

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Ready to learn how to Follow your toddler

the Montessori way?


 We can't wait to guide you towards you're confident and capable Toddlerhood. 

Starting the second week of March 2021


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