Why Buy a Montessori Time Box? 6 Benefits For Your Child And You

Neus Carmona July 28 2020 4 min read

I know that you are home right now and unsure when schools will reopen and for how long. Meanwhile, you’re struggling to find other ways to keep your children entertained and learning the appropriate ...


Set Up Your Montessori Playroom At Home With These 5 Must-haves

Neus Carmona July 23 2020 7 min read

Wondering how you can set up your home the Montessori way affordably? If you are an infant or toddler parent, let me put your mind at ease. First, it doesn’t require a substantial investment nor many ...


5 Montessori techniques to help you succeed parenting your toddler

Neus Carmona June 20 2020 6 min read

Hi there! In this next blog, I dig deep into Montessori techniques that help you set up your house and the environment at home to engage with your child, whether she’s 18 months, or he's a ...


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