I know that you are home right now and unsure when schools will reopen and for how long. Meanwhile, you’re struggling to find other ways to keep your children entertained and learning the appropriate lessons for their age. I know, it’s a challenge, especially if you are a toddler parent or caretaker. You’re probably wondering if you’ve tried everything out there, right? 

Let me tell you the six benefits that you and your children get out of getting the Montessori Time Box by Montessorian by Heart, and why it’s an affordable option to begin a relationship with this educational philosophy.

What Is The Montessori Time Box?

It’s a real Montessori classroom delivered to your home in a box! It’s the fun, the colors, the textures, the amusement, and engaging Montessori toys and materials that will make your child love to learn and stay engaged at the same time.

But, what makes this box unique and worth your while? Let me begin with a couple of benefits I always like to highlight first.

1. It’s quality time for you and your child.

Learn how to perform the Montessori lessons and become your child's best teacher by learning and playing together. 

2. It’s a great introduction for you and your child to a Montessori Education. 

Even if you are new to this philosophy or you have been using Montessori in your life it's going to be easy for your to perform lessons, set up an amazing playroom for your child and have time for yourself. 

3. Your Child Comes First

What makes this box unique is that your child’s interest is a central piece in its making. Yes, it’s customized 100%. And it is you who makes the magic happens.

Once you buy the box, I follow up with an email and a questionnaire for you to fill about your children’s interests. What are they like, what they like or not, which skills have they developed already, and what is pending? 

I then take all your answers and prepare a Montessori Time Box just for your child with materials covering all areas of the Montessori curriculum, from Practical Life to Art. Yes, I make them! Your kids get a box with age-appropriate materials specially designed for them to grow and engage with.

What does this mean? YOU are a vital player in this experience. If you don’t tell me what your child likes, I cannot make the perfect Montessori Time Box for him or her.

4. You Follow Your Children

Telling me about your children’s interests requires you to carefully observe your child, an experience that doesn’t stop once you get the Montessori Time Box. We all grow from this observation:

  • You learn what really works and doesn’t, so you stop overspending in toys and stuff that your kid will engage with in the first 5 minutes and then nothing.
  • Your child plays and learns with materials that actually meet their interests, which makes him or her feel more confident and improve their independence and self-care.
  • I take these interests into account for the next box to keep your child engaged for a long time and learn new skills. 

We introduce a few materials at a time and use my tips to extend the life of the materials and reuse them. What we do is rotate the materials, so we don’t place everything at the same time. Less is more in Montessori!

5. You Learn To Be A Montessori Parent

Your learning experience starts when you open your Montessori Time Box, and you see a list of all the materials and how to present, use, and rotate them every week. I've also prepared a list of Montessori-friendly house chores that I trust you'll find useful.

You also get a timeline for when to put up the materials in your shelf or playroom and extend their life.

All the while, you receive constant online feedback from me at all times. I’m available full time, a Montessori trained teacher just for you! This includes videos explaining how to perform the lessons and techniques as part of your Montessori parent training. As a mother and a trained Montessori teacher, I can tell you that it is a lot of work, and it’s a lot of learning, so don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed at first. They are easy lessons, and I’ll accompany you all the way. You will learn about the 3-Period Lesson and also different Montessori games that you can do with your child to expand the life of your materials. 

6. You Get To Stay At Home

Last but not least, you get to do this all from home without exposing yourself or your child. I prepare and gather all the materials for you. And then I deliver the box right to your doorstep. The first box will come with all the trays you´ll need, and then you can reuse them with the other Montessori Time boxes you will get month by month. With your box, you don’t have to keep acquiring random toys because the box will have all your child needs for their development. And if you want to make changes to your box, just email me.

It’s A Good Start!

This Montessori at home experience at an affordable price allows you to witness how your child learns and grows under this philosophy firsthand, which is a learning opportunity for you as a parent as well.

It is also a friendly and safe starting point for you and your children to become familiar with and continue learning under this educational methodology if you choose it to be. If you have questions, tell me in the comments below. Learn more what comes int the box by clicking in the button below 👇

Are you juggling home, work and the kids at home?

Neus Carmona

Loving Mom and Montessori trained teacher. I bring a real Montessori education experience to your home.

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