Montessori 1:1 Guidance

Are you new to Montessori? Or you already have been applying the methodology at home but seems that it's not working for your family? Maybe you want to start homeschooling your toddler or want to know how to set up the space for independence?



Let's work together to reach your family goals!

Mini Toddler Mentorship

We can have a short call to clarify and go over specific questions that you may have while applying Montessori at home with your toddler. You can choose the topic and the day and time to meet.

Toddler Mentorship

You are ready to invest some time to learn about Montessori for you and your family? This is for you! We are going to chat for three days and you will be able to learn, ask and revisit everything for a long period of time.

I need this!

Transformative Toddler Mentorship

Together we are going to find the best Montessori practices and guidance for your family. We are going to go deep into the parts of the Montessori Toddler curriculum and adapt them to your life

I am ready!

Do you just need to clarify some questions?

I am here to also offer a Quick Toddler mentorship! This option is to clarify some doubts or questions about your space or your child! We will chat for an hour and you will be able to solve those questions and apply the changes that you need to make sure your space and your toddler grow as a confident child. 

I am here for you mama! Truly! I am a toddler mom myself so I am in your shoes every day! 

I know you are a busy mom, probably juggling home chores, working, and taking care of the children. So, I will make sure that in our call all your questions are answered and your knowledge grows! 

The Ultimate List of Montessori-Friendly chores!

Make the best of the time you spend together with your children at home by teaching them valuable lessons through daily house chores. Your children will have fun helping and engaging in real tasks while you get things done. 

Get Your List!

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